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Parents, Teach Your Children That They Must Obey

All of us at EBC heard a great message yesterday from the Fifth Commandment.  Pastor Smith opened it up for us, showing children the requirement to obey their parents.  Talking more on this topic afterwards, this thought came to my mind: one of the biggest implications of this command is that parents ought to require…

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The Word of God is Powerful

In a day when many are seeking to draw the world into the church by every method conceivable, we would do well to remember God’s chosen method: the preaching of his Word.  During the time of Spurgeon’s ministry, thousands of testimonies were recorded and the stories of these conversions all have similar threads running through…

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The Ultimate Purpose of God’s Amazing Grace

Jeffery Smith

If some wealthy stranger raised walked up to you and gave you a million dollars what would you do? Would you just stick it in your pocket and say, “Wow that was nice?” No, I think surely one of the first questions that would come to your mind is, “Why? Why did this man do…

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Another Blessing of Keeping the Fourth Commandment

In his AM sermon series, Pastor Smith has been preaching through the ten commandments, and has lately been doing an exposition of the fourth commandment.  In thinking about the blessings of the Lord’s Day, another came to my mind.  The blessing is that of our witness to the world. When we think about reaching out…

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What Happens When Hell is Not Preached?

When you think about Biblical teachings that are most important, which ones come to mind?  My guess is that you immediately think of doctrines such as the substitutionary atonement of Christ, the resurrection, the inerrancy of the Scriptures, and the triune nature of God.  All of these are critically important.  But what about the doctrine…

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