Covid-19 Updates


We have resumed all services on the Lord’s Day.  Sunday School begins at 9:15AM.  Morning worship begins at 10:30AM and evening worship begins at 6pm at the church.

Wednesday evening Prayer Meetings meet at EBC at 7:30PM each week.

Personal Protocols for Phas2

1.      Anyone showing symptoms of fever, running nose or chest congestion, or anyone who has had a fever within 48 hours, or anyone who has been sick since the previous Sunday is asked not to attend.

2.      We understand that it may be wise for anyone over 60 or anyone with a compromised immune system to remain home during phase one and to watch livestreaming. However, such are not required to stay home. You may come at your own risk.

3.      It is also understood that some under 60 or who do not have a compromised immune system may still not be comfortable attending at this point and this is okay.

4.      No physical touching immediately preceding, during or immediately after the worship gathering. (i.e. no hugging, kissing, handshaking etc..)

5.      The city has politely urged us to follow guidelines concerning protective masks in our reopening this Sunday and we have agreed to do so. A document provided by Broward County addressing frequently asked questions concerning phase one reopening of the county includes the following exemptions for wearing facial coverings, “children of any age while in the custody of childcare facilities, children under age 2, persons who have difficulty breathing and persons for whom wearing a facial covering is subject to a religious objection.” .

Facilities and Worship Arrangements Protocol for Phase 1

1.      For Sunday morning and evening worship and Wednesday evening prayer meeting, deacons or diaconal assistants wearing gloves and masks will be at both the south and west entrances to the sanctuary to open and close the doors for those entering.

2.      Those under 60 will be directed to enter as normal at the south entrance but everyone 60 or over will be asked to enter the west entrance directly from the parking lot. Everyone is asked to exit by the same door from which you entered.

3.      Use the Purel dispensers provided at the entrance to wash your hands upon entering the building.

4.      The chairs will now be arranged as normal except the isles between rows will be broader, thus the rows will extend further back toward the back wall. There will still be individual chairs along some of the walls spaced six feet apart.

5.      Families are asked to sit together.

6.      Nursery care will now be provided. Parents with children too young to attend the worship may take them to the nursery or if you prefer you  may watch and care for your baby yourself in one of the rooms of the church as before in Phase 1. See footnote below for more information.[1]

7.      Parents must keep children with you and your family at all times and those under 12 must be escorted to and from the bathrooms.

8.      Three persons at a time are allowed into the bathroom unless it is an adult escorting his or her children. Hands should be thoroughly washed after using the restroom.

9.      The water fountains will not be open for use. If you need water please bring bottled water.

10.  Songs and hymns will be projected. Hymnbooks have been temporarily stored to avoid handling.

11.  Boxes will be provided at both exits to receive tithes and offerings. There will be no passing of offering baskets.

12.  Everyone is allowed to remain in the auditorium after worship to fellowship who desires. Many of you may still prefer to move outside for social interaction.

13.  The building will be thoroughly disinfected during the week between Sunday meetings.

[1] If you have a child of nursery age unable to be in worship both or one of the parents may keep your child (children) in one of the rooms in the church but only the parent or your immediate family may be in that same room. There are 8 available rooms in the church. Of course, if your baby or small child is able he or she may remain with you in the main auditorium. We recognize the inconvenience this poses but hope to reinstate nursery care when we move to phase two.






Sunday Services: 9:15am, 10:30am & 6:00pm
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