New Sanctuary Initiative

Coconut Creek, Florida

Emmanuel Baptist Church

On Five Acres

Current View from Entry...

Current View from Street...

Proposed Sanctuary, Viewed from Entry...

Proposed Sanctuary, Aerial View...

New Sanctuary Features & Facts

  • Worship Assembly Capacity: 400-600
  • Parking: Existing, plus an additional 65 for a total of 200
  • Classrooms & Studies:
    • 6 additional classrooms for a total of 16
    • 2 additional studies for a total of 4
  • Estimated Cost: $7.5M - $8M
  • Initial Funding Objective: $2.0M
  • Estimated Project Duration: 30 months


  • For in-depth information about the New Sanctuary Initiative, click for the Power Point Presentation:  CLICK HERE
  • For a viewable 3D model of the proposed New Sanctuary:  CLICK HERE
  • A financial Proforma is available upon request.
  • For more information, please contact:
    • Jeff Smith, Pastor: 954-427-2011
    • Jackie Nolan, Administrative Assistant: 954-427-2011